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Best Value

Cocoa Beach Hearing Center is a full service hearing aid clinic providing no cost comprehensive hearing test along with sales and service on all makes and models of hearing aids. Wayne Smith, HAS, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist has been serving the hearing impaired in Brevard County since 1982. Along with Gerold Bonilla, they have over 50 years of combined hearing help experience! At Cocoa Beach Hearing Center we do things a little different. We won’t always promise the cheapest price but we’ll always guarantee the best value.

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Personalized Care

We don’t necessarily believe that full page ads, celebrity endorsements, and high pressure commissioned salesmen get you better hearing but they do add to the price you pay. We’re dedicated to providing unmatched service excellence and provide our patients with the kind of personalized, responsive care and experienced service you’re looking for. At Cocoa Beach Hearing Center, we take the time to listen and care.

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We'll Give You All The Options

We’ll explain what's happening if you have a hearing loss and show you several different options if you need help. There's never any high pressure tactics and We’ll make sure you know exactly what's going on with your hearing. We’ll discuss with you the different types and styles of hearing aids as well as the different technology levels to help you know whats best for your hearing loss as well as your budget.

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Cocoa Beach Hearing Center

Hi, I'm Wayne Smith, a central Florida native and lifetime resident and a graduate of University of Florida.

As a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist serving Brevard county for the past 35 years I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands to hear and understand speech better. Very likely, even some of your friends or family. And I would be honored to help you.

My goal is to provide 100% professional help and therapy to the hard of hearing. In a world full of anxiety, stress and daily overstimulation of personal concerns, none of us need the added burden of  a hearing problem and a loss of communication in our society. And sad but true, often the older we get the more we need those special communication skills.

I have worked in the hearing healthcare field since 1981 and have dedicated my life to this cause. I’m very proud to be recognized as one of the most experienced and trusted Board Certified Hearing Aid Specialists in Central Florida. and to be a part of your well being. To help you have the freedom to live life to the fullest. It is my passion in life and  I believe it should be done with fun, upbeat and positive energy!

I am and have always been influenced by the Ken Dahlberg creed, "To help every person suffering from man's oldest disease, that silent, painless destroyer of human communication… deafness… rendering this service with dignity and devotion to client and community"

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