Why we're different

Have you ever gone into a hearing aid office after seeing one of those cheap price offers in those full page newspaper ads, only to be told that "sorry, that one won't work for you, you have to have the much more expensive one?" It's unfortunate, but 'bait & switch' advertising is rampant in the hearing aid industry. And many have been hurt or disappointed by it. At Cocoa Beach Hearing Center we do things a little different.

We won’t always promise the cheapest price but we’ll always guarantee the best value.

We don’t necessarily believe that full page ads, celebrity endorsements, and high pressure commissioned salesmen get you better hearing but they do add to the price you pay.

Our Approach

We offer free comprehensive hearing evaluations and sales and service on all makes and models of hearing aids. I'll explain what's happening, if you have a hearing loss and show you several different options if you need help. There's never any high pressure tactics and I'll make sure you know exactly what's going on with your hearing.

The average American waits 10 years from the time they should begin wearing hearing aids and when they do. Don't wait, call me today. And remember... Better Hearing is Better Living!

Make Life Great Again... Start Hearing Again Today

Give us a call at 321.784.2668 or click on our "contact" page and shoot us an email, and we'll set up a no-obligation consultation, and show you how to get back into the game of life, by getting your hearing back.